Sunday, January 4, 2015

hello, 2015

{left to right: (1) sweater: Nastygal, skirt: Wilfred Free (old), hat: Urban Outfitters; 
(2) cami: Club Monaco (in-store); sweater: Wilfred Free; jeans: GAP, hat: Urban Outfitters; 
(3) tunic: Free People; hat: Juicy Couture; 
(4) dress: Free People, top: Mendocino (old), necklace, sandals: Guess (old); hat: Roxy; 
(5) sweater: ZARA; dress: Wilfred; knee high socks: Free People, boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors, beanie: Club Monaco; 
(6) tee: Wilfred, blazer: Talula, jeans: GAP, hat: BCBG; 
(7) blazer: Joie, blouse (in-store), skirt (old): ZARA; 
(8) tee: Wilfred; skirt (old), sweater: Wilfred Free; 
(9) jacket: BB Dakota, dress: Topshop, bag: MICHAEL Michael Kors, hat: Urban Outfitters;
and of course featured in all of my pictures, my Prada sunglasses}
(photo via Instagram)

I thought it would be fun for my first post of 2015 to be a look back of my favourite outfits from 2014.  It's been challenging at times taking pictures, dealing with the weather and having two kids (one who still takes a nap).  I work in Toronto, which is quite a commute for me, so I leave quite early in the morning and come home quite late (in the summer I can manage to take pictures when I get home, but in the winter it's already pretty dark out so I basically have weekends to work with).  But I think, thanks to my amateur photographer husband, I have some great pictures that I'll love looking back on when I'm older.  It beats trying to take pictures of my outfits with a self-timer, which I used to do 10 years ago, every morning.

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