Thursday, August 29, 2013


{skirt: Zara (old, similar here and love this yellow skirt for fall); tank: GAP (old, similar here); 
hat: Roxy; shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs (also here); sunglasses: Juicy Couture; bracelets: H&M}

Holy heat wave today!  Way to go out with a bang, August.  I still can't believe it's almost September.  It made me want to bring out my brights since I bought very few brights for fall.  I usually don't dress in black, or if I do wear black pants, I pair it with a bright sweater.  But I'm finally feeling the black and white trend and think I'm going to run with it this fall.  I just bought my first Chanel piece - a vintage black and white cuff - and I'm DYING for these Prada wedges and am hoping they go on sale before my size runs out.  So I'm basing most of my wardrobe around those pieces.  I don't know if I'm drawn to it all of a sudden because it'll be easiest now that I'm going to be getting myself ready, plus two little ones, or I'm just obsessing over those wedges.  Either way, I usually find black and white boring, but with my new Chanel cuff and Prada wedges (that I believe will be mine one day), I'm excited to wear black and white.  But knowing me, I will throw in some colour somewhere like this amazing Zara coat I just came across.

(p.s. These adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs slingback mouse flats were definitely a favourite this summer.  They are so comfortable and the bright pink makes any outfit fun.  I'm going to have to get my hand on a pair, or two, for fall to add to my collection.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

lace is the bomb

{jacket: Lush via Mendocino (also here); shorts: AG Adriano Goldschmied;
boots: Topshop (sold out, suede version here); bracelet: BCBG; necklace: Juicy Couture;
sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs; lips: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'}

I thought this lace bomber jacket would be a great transition piece because it's nice and light and would pretty much look great with anything from jeans to dresses to leather skirts (outfits I'm already planning in my head for work).  I love the faux leather trim on the collar, which contrasts nicely with the delicate lace.  So no matter what you pair this jacket with, even a pretty floral dress, your look won't be too sweet.

Monday, August 26, 2013

bootie call

{top: Rebecca Taylor (sold out, similar here); jeans: GAP; shoes: ZARA
sunglasses: Prada; bag: Michael Michael Kors (bought in-store); bracelets: H&M}

My first shoe purchase for fall!  I think these ZARA 'ankle boot sandals' are the perfect transition piece because they're not quite a boot, but not just a sandal.  Yet, they're not odd looking like peep-toe boots (that's one trend I just can't get on board with - just close the toe!).  These are only my third pair of ZARA shoes, but they're definitely not going to be my last.  They're super soft and very comfortable.  I was eyeing these Michael Kors Collection sandals for awhile (they're wedges!), but they would have blown most of my budget (stupid duties).  These ZARA sandals definitely fill the void, for a fraction of the price.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

romping around (again)

{Harry Checked Thermal Jumpsuit: Marc by Marc Jacobs; shoes: Guess;
bracelet: Coach (other colours); sunglasses: Prada; bow ring: H&M (in-store)}

Another day, another (Marc by Marc Jacobs) romper (last seen here styled with wedges).  I was heading to a festival with the kiddies and wanted something comfortable to wear on the rides.  I basically have one week left of wearing rompers and casual clothes.  (Yes, there will be weekends, but going back to work after being off for 17 months, I'll probably be wandering the house like a zombie in my pjs.)  It's crazy that tomorrow is the beginning of the last week of August.  Summer technically isn't over for another few weeks, but come September 1st and most of us are thinking fall.  Kids are going back to school and I'm going back to work.  I'm starting to gather all of the clothes I bought the other weekend (most items are still in the bags because mostly everything I bought was for fall) and trying to decide what will be my 'first day of work' outfit.  Hopefully it won't be deathly hot and I can start wearing my new clothes.  My favourite season is summer, but come September, I'm over it.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


{romper: Dolce Vita (similar here); cardigan (love this one for fall), bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; 
Double Wrap Turnlock Bracelet: Coach (other colours); sunglasses: Prada}

A quick post of my insta-outfit from Monday night, heading out to a casual dinner.  I said I was going to wear out my rompers since the warm weather finally returned to us after a week of WTF weather.  Welcome back, summer.

Friday, August 23, 2013

romping around

(Marineland, Niagara Falls)

{romper: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar here); sunglasses: Ray-Ban (similar here); 
hat: Roxy (similar here); sandals: G by Guess}

Today was one of those 'wake up in the morning, throw something on quick and get out the door to try to beat traffic on the way to Niagara Falls' days.  So I threw on this Marc by Marc Jacobs romper I've had for years that I still love.  The last weeks of summer are upon us and I'm trying to make sure every summer piece in my closet gets attention.  And the ones that don't means I have to throw them away/donate, right?  Yeah, that's not going to happen.  I do donate a LOT of clothes but, for the most part, there's just not a lot of hot weather days in the year.  So it's Mother Nature's fault that some of my clothes get neglected.


{Clipped Dot Blouse: Anthropologie; skort: Zara; shoes: Guess; sunglasses: Prada
bracelets: J.Crew (similar), H&M; lips: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'; nails: CoverGirl 'Lav-endure'}

Ahhh, I love the feeling of new clothes.  I went on a shopping spree last Saturday all by myself.  No kids.  It was glorious.  I was able to shop for 4 hours, trying on everything and anything I wanted.  My goal was to shop for work clothes only, since I'm returning in two weeks after 17 months of maternity leave.  I decided on a budget (which I went over, of course) and took my time to decide what pieces would enhance my wardrobe, rather than buying anything that I liked.  I have a problem of liking so many styles that I tend to buy pieces that I don't end up wearing a lot because they don't suit other pieces in my closet.  My mistake, though, was going into Anthropologie first since I practically blew my budget in that store alone.  This blouse is so beautiful.  The lace details make it special and it's definitely a piece that will be a staple in my closet.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

boyfriend jeans & bows

{jeans: GAP (similar); blouse: Eight Sixty; shoes: Valentino; bag: RED Valentino;
'Baroque' sunglasses: Prada; bracelet: J.Crew (similar)}

I am definitely a girly-girl.  I love pink, bows, ruffles, lace, florals... (I think my 15 m.o. daughter is going to be a girly-girl.  She's already getting into my purses and trying on my shoes.  She makes a mess, but it makes me happy because I've always dreamed of having a little girl and going shopping together.  I hope she's going to be my size in shoes, otherwise, I'm going to be rocking my wedges and pumps until I'm 100.)  I toned down the super girly look by throwing on the most comfortable boyfriend jeans I've ever had.  I find these have a nice fit, rather than looking frumpy like some boyfriend jeans I've seen around, but they feel just as comfortable.  I'll be living in them soon since it's starting to get quite cool already.  This week is supposed to be really warm so I'll be wearing out my rompers, summer dresses and shorts before it's too late.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

keeper shirtdress

{dress: J.Crew; sneakers: Vans; sunglasses: Ray-Ban (old, similar here);
bracelet: BCBG; hat: Roxy (similar here)}

The reality of me going back to work is really setting in after shopping today for my little man's uniform for JK.  Sending one child off to school and one child off to daycare (which I've never done before because my sister watched my first child) is going to be a complete... mess.  I'm not sure how I'm going to get myself ready and two kids ready, fed and dropped off in time for me to catch my train.  It's definitely going to be interesting, to say the least.  Part of me is looking forward to going back to work, mainly because I love to dress up.  I will have been off for 17 months, plus pregnant for obviously 9 months before that... Mama needs some new work clothes.  I've been looking for the perfect chambray dress for a while now and this one will work for 'casual Fridays' when I don't have time to think about what top I want to wear with whatever jeans.  I also bought these sneakers to wear to and from work since I need to ease my feet into wearing heels... and deal with two kids.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

mad for plaid: transitioning into fall

{dress: Topshop; sweater: Zoe Karssen (sold out); sunglasses: Prada;
boots: Topshop (suede version here); bracelet: BCBG}

I have always loved plaid (I have some pieces in my closet I will probably love forever and always get excited to wear when fall comes around).  As always, Marc Jacobs and I are on the same page.  Obsessed with this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, top and cardigan.  Problem is...I can't have it all.  Sigh.  Why does he have to make everything so perfect?!  I'm also obsessing over all of the tulip print pieces.  So I have to choose carefully.  Anyway, this Topshop dress is so cute and perfect for summer, but it will also transition into fall nicely with booties and a sweater (or currently when the weather drops extremely at night).  I'll also be able to wear it to work with a blouse underneath and a pair of tights. I love when a piece is so versatile.  Especially for the price!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


{dress: Anthropologie; 'Baroque' sunglasses: Prada; necklace: Juicy Couture; 
shoes: Guess by Marciano (old, but love these)}

About 5 years ago I bought a white eyelet tube top dress that I was obsessed with, but it no longer fit me after having kids.  I was devastated when I sold it on eBay, thinking I will never be able to find another white dress.  Ok, it was a little dramatic.  I haven't been able to find one quite like it (it made my, ahem, chest area look really good), but I haven't been having a hard time finding white dresses.  Just in the last couple of years, I scored a Phoebe one for an amazing price, a pretty Textile Elizabeth & James one and, most recently, an eyelet Nanette Lepore one.  I fell in love with this Anthropolgie one because the details are so pretty.   I'll always remember that special bebe little number, but I think I'm doing just fine.

(p.s. So apparently this is not a dress, but a chemise.  Oops!)