Wednesday, December 31, 2014

good-bye, 2014

{top, beanie: Free People; jeans: 7 For All Mankind; scarf: Talula via Aritzia;
boots: UGG Australia; sunglasses: Prada}

Happy New Year everyone!  (Well, in about 7 hours or so.)  I look forward to sharing my personal style with you in 2015.  It's so nice when someone tells me that I've inspired them in some way.  This blog is a fun outlet for me since my 9-5 job has nothing to do with fashion, but I live and breathe fashion, always have.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night!

XO - Marika

Sunday, December 28, 2014


{coat: GAP (last season's, love this camo one); sweater: Wildfox Couture;
jeans: 7 For All Mankind; beanie: Free People; boots: UGG Australia; sunglasses: Prada}

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  We spent it at home and are now at the in-laws in the country a few hours east (brr).  As much as I hate the cold, I am sad that we didn't have a white Christmas.  I am happy though that I've avoided wearing a puffer coat and it's almost January.  I even got away with wearing a t-shirt recently (see last post).  But it's puffer weather here (although beautiful) and today I wore my Christmas sweater since I never got a chance to wear it.  But even though it's the beginning of winter, it's almost the beginning of a new year, which means it's almost spring.  And our countdown to Mexico, which I booked a couple of days ago, just in case winter is not kind to us again.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

magic carpet ride

{Free People Magic Carpet Ride Skirt; tee: Wilfred; cardigan: ZARA; hat: Urban Outfitters;
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors (old); sunglasses: Prada}

I used to mainly buy skirts.  Because I'm petite, I don't like buying pants because I'm too lazy (and cheap in a way - I could use that money to buy more clothes!) to hem them.  I only recently got rid of some skirts that I've had for probably 10 years.  But now they have more cropped pants (which are regular length on me) and also, again because I'm lazy - this happened after having kids, I started buying more dresses: you just throw them on and go!  But when I went shopping the other day, I was thinking I wanted to buy a skirt.  Something interesting.  Then I came across this amazing Free People skirt, which is basically exactly what I was looking for.  You can wear it so many different ways (I hiked it up a bit here so it was shorter, but will also wear it a bit longer.  I can even hike it high enough (i.e., a tube dress) to make it even shorter than pictured here).  Also, fringe.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


{skirt: Free People; sweater: Nasty Gal; booties: MICHAEL Michael Kors;
fedora: Urban Outfitters; sunglasses: Prada}

I bought this white skirt from Club Monaco a little while ago, which I loved, but it's wool and I was worried about the maintenance, so I sadly returned it.  So the search continued for a winter white skirt.  (I buy one every few years and the one I had desperately needed to be replaced.)  I was so happy I came across this one on the Free People site because it's faux leather and low maintenance.  It's perforated, which adds a cool texture.  It sits a bit high (on me) so either I have to tuck a top in, or pair it with something cropped.  My first thought was to tuck in a black sweater, but I was not feeling the tucked-in look (maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've been sick all week) so I went with this cozy Nasty Gal cropped turtleneck.  I was wishing I had a black cropped sweater, but I like how the grey softens up the look.  (However, I will be picking up this MINKPINK sweater for next time, just in case it doesn't feel like a tuck-in kind-of-day again.)

Monday, December 15, 2014

blue coat

{BB Dakota Liezel Coat; jeans: GAP; scarf: J.Crew (similar); beanie: Free People;
sneakers: Vans; sunglasses: Prada}

I'm so happy pastels are back for A/W.  I've been living in this Lovers + Friends pink coat.  It honestly changes my mood.  I hate these miserable cold days, but something about wearing pink (or, in this case, blue) makes me happier.  At least a little.  I won't complain too much about this weather because at least I haven't had to wear a parka just yet and it's already mid-December.  But I'm sure Mother Nature will make up for it in the new year.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

marled snowflake

 {Madewell Marled Turtleneck Sweater; jeans: GAP; sneakers: Vans; hat: Urban Outfitters;
ring: Free People; sunglasses: Prada}

Another day, another cozy sweater.  I probably had every sweater in my online shopping cart from Madewell, but decided on this one (plus two shirts with hearts on them that I couldn't resist).  I love the unique cutouts on the sides and it just looked so cozy (and it is!).  I love the look of marled sweaters.  This colour is called 'Marled Snowflake' which I didn't notice before I paired it with white jeans.  Something about this sweater though just made me think of snow.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

tea + cozy socks

{sweater: Urban Outfitters (old); Free People Switch Top Over the Knee Sock
(also love these by Knitz by For Love and Lemons)}
Photo via Instagram

There are a few things I can't live without: a cup of tea and cozy socks are at the top of that list.  Even in the summer, I always need a cup of tea (or three) to start (and most of the time end) my day and I'm always wearing socks.  Always.  Lately I've been obsessed with over-the-knee/thigh high socks.  Legwarmers (love these) are next on my list because it is getting extremely cold.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

grey and cropped

{Nasty Gal Telluride Crop Sweater; skirt: Wilfred (old); socks: Free People (sold out, similar);
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors; hat: Urban Outfitters; sunglasses: Prada}
I don't think it's possible to have too many sweaters.  Or maybe I just don't get sick of buying sweaters.  I think there are some sweaters that are necessary (I'm still trying to find the perfect black cable knit sweater) and some that are too fun to resist (for ex. I'm obsessed with this 'Naughty' one, but it has angora in it and I think I'm allergic).  I've been looking for grey sweaters (because I find them more interesting than black for a neutral) and cropped sweaters, so this grey cropped sweater was a no-brainer.  I pictured it paired with high-waisted flared jeans (but I have yet to find the perfect pair of those too).  For someone who shops a lot, it always surprises me when I'm looking for something in my closet and realizing I don't have it.  But I'm perfectly fine with having an excuse to shop.

Monday, December 1, 2014


{sweater: H&M; jeans: 7 For All Mankind (similar); hat: Free People;
boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs (black version); sunglasses: Prada}

I happened to have the day off this past Friday, which I didn't plan for Black Friday, but I decided to check out the mall nearby to see if there were any sales.  I didn't really find any, but I wasn't really looking for anything in particular because I had just done some major shopping the week before.  (Did anyone else shop the Free People 25% off sale?  I regret not buying more.)  I did however walk by H&M, a store I rarely shop in anymore, and saw this sweater.  It's pretty much the white sweater I've been looking for my whole life.  Then I wondered why I don't go in there more often.  This sweater is super fluffy, but not itchy, which I've been finding with a lot of sweaters lately.  It was so cozy I decided to have a hot chocolate with my heart-shaped marshmallow I got at the Free People sale (see below).  It was heart to resist.  Yup, I said that.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


{sweater: Urban Outfitters; skirt: GAP (bought in-store, similar); hat, rings: Free People;
boots (black): Marc by Marc Jacobs; sunglasses: Prada}
I recently read that navy looks great on brunettes so when I saw this sweater at Urban Outfitters I had to try it on, but then almost passed up trying it on because I liked a few other things better and thought, it's just a navy blue sweater.  But then when I tried it on I thought, wow they were right.  I have some navy items but I never really paid attention too much about what colours look best on me because I pretty much will wear anything (and then sometimes later realize maybe it wasn't the best colour for me to wear).  That's what's great about having a blog, you can see what works and what does not.  (Of course at the time I think it works, or even hesitate but still wear it anyway.)  Anyway, for you brunettes out there, the other colours that I can recall were bright pink, white/cream and light yellow.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

slip dresses in the snow

{Wilfred Leibnez Dress; sweater: ZARA; socks: Free People (sold out, similar, just ordered these);
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors; hat: Club Monaco; necklace: Juicy Couture; sunglasses: Prada}

I had forgotten about this dress (last seen here) because it was in my huge pile of laundry that I'm not sure I will ever iron, but something reminded me of it so I decided to pull it out and iron it (which became wrinkled again after the car ride).  Of course, the day I decided to wear it (or at least shoot it for my blog), it decided to snow.  The first real snowfall of the winter, er, fall.  It's not even winter yet!  It should not be allowed to snow until Christmas Eve.  Anyway, I braved the cold and it wasn't too bad.  (This cozy ZARA cardigan helped a lot.)  It was actually...nice.  The days following though were horrendous and I already want to hibernate.