Tuesday, December 31, 2013

faux fur fabulous

top: Free People; hat: Guess (old); sunglasses: Prada (in-store);
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar); bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (love this one in pink)}

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!  Ending the year off with something fabulous - this MinkPink faux fur coat.  I had my eye on it for a while and then thought what better coat to wear on New Year's Eve?  It's super fun!  The two tones make it really unique.  It's also super soft.  If you're looking for a fab fur coat in one colour, this Wilfred Free one is also amazing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun, safe night!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

the Christmas sweater

{Wildfox Couture Glowing Lights Jumper; jeans: GAP; boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar);
sunglasses: Prada; scarf: J.Crew; hat: Brian Lichtenberg (turned backwards); bag: Rebecca Minkoff}

I started my 2 week holiday on the 23rd and by the afternoon I had caught my daughter's cold, which turned into the flu by the 24th.  I had the chills and was super weak.  We ate fish & chips for dinner because nobody had the energy to cook, or really eat.  By Christmas Day, all four of us were extremely sick.  After we opened presents, I took a 4-hr nap then had a slice of 2-day old pizza and was in bed by 6:30.  This Wildfox Couture sweater definitely came in handy.  I've basically been living in it.  It's super cozy and warm.  Plus, it's super festive and beats wearing an "ugly Christmas sweater".  The lights actually glow in the dark!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

bad hair day

{sweater: Urban Outfitters (in-store, love this one); hat: Local Heroes; jeans: J Brand (old, similar);
sunglasses: Prada; lips: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'}

Just a quick post from Instagram of what I'm wearing today on this rainy, miserable day (which I'm okay with because I'm super lazy today).  When it rains, I do not wash my hair because it goes wavy (not in a good way) and frizzy.  So when I saw this hat, I thought it was perfect for me.  I bought it online at Urban Outfitters but they're now sold out, but it's by Local Heroes so you can shop the link above.  Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

plaid mini

{Free People Buffalo Plaid Mini Skirt; sweater: GAP; hat: Guess (old);
jacket: French Connection; OTK boots: Dolce Vita (old, similar); sunglasses: Prada}

I have been obsessed with plaid this season, particularly skirts.  But I came across so many - in different lengths and colours - that I had a hard time deciding on one.  When I saw this Free People one, it was an easy decision.  I love the pleats and the leather waistband, which make this skirt unique from any others I saw.  Plus, I already bought two red plaid pieces this season (a pair of amazing Paige Denim jeans and a Textile Elizabeth & James sweatshirt).  It was nice to add a black and white plaid item to my closet.

Monday, December 16, 2013

navy & wine

{skirt: Madewell (love this Free People knit one); necklace tee: J.Crew (love this necklace); 

I picked up this cute beanie (or, as we Canadians call it, toque) at Urban Outfitters recently.  As I've said, I'm stocking up since winter will be here in a few days.  (Clearly the snow couldn't wait!)  It's a great (and cheap) way of adding a special touch to your outfit.  Just because you have to bundle up, doesn't mean you can't look good doing so!  I love the colour of this one and it's super soft.  This Madewell skirt has been sitting on my floor for a while now because I wanted to pair it with a bright pink sweater I have, but I have yet to iron it.  So I thought it was time to wear it since I probably will never iron that sweater (or at least not any time soon).  I wanted to wear my new toque and thought this J.Crew necklace tee was a perfect match because obviously the colour matches, but also the blue stripes and necklace on the tee pick up the blue stripe on the skirt.  I find I look most put together when I match my pieces, but I try not to go overboard.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

winter story

{Free People Shake It Pullover Dress (sold out, obsessing over this lace one);
Free People Winter Story Sweater Legging; hat: Guess; sunglasses: Prada;
Marc by Marc Jacobs Snow Booties (leathertall versions); bag: Louis Vuitton (old)}

I'm stocking up on sweater leggings since it's starting to get really, really cold (below 0).  I love these ones from Free People.  (I wanted the grey pair and now they're back in stock, yay!)  It was definitely fitting that I wore them yesterday since it was freezing and, sure enough, started to snow.  These Marc by Marc Jacobs snow booties are perfect for running errands, they're super comfy and keep your feet warm (plus, they have a hidden wedge!)  I've said it many times before that I hate the cold, but when it started to snow I did get excited because there's a good chance we will have a "white Christmas"!

Monday, December 2, 2013

fall pastels

{sweater: Topshop; pants: GAP; scarf: J.Crew; Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip;
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors (in-store); sunglasses: Prada}

I walked into Topshop and gravitated toward all of the beautiful pastel sweaters.  I love that pastels are a big trend right now because I love the idea of wearing them all year round.  As I've said a million times on my blog, I'm not a fan of wearing all black and because it's almost winter (which I'm also not a big fan of), I think we should be wearing more colour to get us through these dark times.  (Literally.  It's dark when I leave the house and super dark by the time I get home.)  I love the idea of pairing a pastel with another pastel, but I decided to keep it simple and paired it with black pants and grey accessories, which is a nice way of easing into the trend.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


{sweater: M for Mendocino (love this Madewell one); skirt: Wilfred Free
jacket: Anthropologie (in-store, love this one); boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors (in-store);
necklace: Coach (old); sunglasses: Prada}

Today there was snow on my car that actually had to be removed for me to drive it.  Snow!  Sometimes we don't even get snow for Christmas so it was a bit surprising to see first thing in the morning.  And it was freezing cold.  Needless to say, it was the absolute perfect day to wear this cozy turtleneck sweater I picked up for approximately $40.  Although I love this sweater paired with this military jacket, it was so cold that I had to replace it with a much heavier winter jacket (this picture was taken on the weekend).  It's safe (and sad) to say I'm not wearing this jacket again until March... or even April.  It's officially time to say goodbye, fall (if I haven't yet already).  Our time together was short and I'll miss you.  But it's just that much closer to spring!

Below is a picture I posted on Instagram earlier today to show how pretty this sweater is (it was too cold to step off my front porch without a jacket!).  It's one of those I-can't-believe-it's-only-$40 kind of sweaters!

Monday, November 25, 2013

to infinity and beyond

sunglasses: Prada; boots: Dolce Vita (old, similar)}

Even though it was sunny, it was well below 0 this past weekend so it's a good thing I stocked up on chunky infinity scarves.  I love this one from the GAP because it's bright and I've been wearing too much black lately (in this case, I purposefully wore all black so that the scarf would stand out more).  It's cozy and definitely keeps you warm when the temp dips that low.  I normally, hardly ever actually, wear all black, but in this case I wanted not only the scarf but the leather pockets of this J.Crew sweater to stand out.  I don't mind an all-black outfit when there are details to the outfit that make it interesting and these pockets certainly do that.