Thursday, May 30, 2013


{shorts: Zara; top: Eight Sixty (bought at Mendocino); bag, sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs;
bracelets: J.Crew and H&M (in-store); shoes: Steve Madden (old); lips: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'}

I love the idea of wearing shorts for a night out, but this is even better.  I remember wearing 'skorts' growing up.  I loved the fact that you looked all fancy but then could run around and not have to worry about having any celebrity-type accidents.  Well, many, MANY years later, I still love the concept.  I'm always nervous wearing mini skirts, so I fell in love instantly when I saw these Zara culotte shorts.  I love the cut (also more flattering than shorts, if you ask me) and the white pair are perfect for spring.  And now there will be no worries when getting in and out of a car.  Because, you know, you never know when paparazzi will be around to snap your picture.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

chambray pants

{pants: J.Crew; sweater: Guess; sunglasses (old), shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs;
heart bracelets: H&M (in-store, recent); heart necklace: Coach (old); hat (similar): Roxy}

We went to the Toronto Zoo today and the first thing I thought to wear when I thought of walking around all day in the sunshine-but-cool-breeze weather were these J.Crew chambray pants.  They are so comfortable and I will probably live in them all summer.  I'm also eyeing these linen pants.  They are perfect for those lounge-by-the-fire nights.  And the yeah-sometimes-it's-shorts-weather-but-most-of-the-time-it's-not spring weather.  

p.s. These Marc by Marc Jacobs slingback mouse flats were also so comfortable to walk around in all day.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

red, white & blue

{tee: Zara; pants: GAP; shoes: Guess; necklace: Juicy Couture (old); nails: Essie 'Blanc';
jacket, ring (recent, in-store): H&M; sunglasses (old), bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs}

I'm just going to pretend THAT week didn't happen.  So much for wearing a cute romper on Victoria Day.  I know it's only May, but it's been so humid some days!  Plus, I wore my denim jacket and I was still cold and it was supposed to be the hottest day of the weekend.  Yes, I prefer hot weather, but I'm not going to complain about today's weather.  It was a bit chilly at times, but I don't mind wearing a light jacket and I finally got to wear this cute Zara tee I've had for a while.  See, because this is spring weather.  (Ok, maybe I'm just appreciating today because this past week was freezing.)  Anyway, I decided to pair this super cute tee with my red GAP khakis I love so much.  And since it's Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would show some love to my American friends by adding this blue Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, surrounded by friends and family!

p.s. I'm also trying out the white nail polish trend and LOVE it!  It reminds me of when I used to paint my nails with whiteout as a teenager.  Oh, the memories.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


 {tee: J.Crew; jeans: GAP; hat: BCBG: necklace: Guess;
sunglasses, shoes (bought at Holt Renfrew, other colours here): Marc by Marc Jacobs; 
bracelets: J.Crew (here and similar here), H&M (in-store, recent)}

I started off the day thinking I was finally going to be able to wear one of my (3) new rompers to Niagara Falls because it looked like it was going to be a hot day, only to feel the weather before I got dressed and... it was chilly.  So I threw on this outfit, even packing my new denim jacket, only to get to Niagara Falls and it being scorching hot.  All I could think about was how I could have actually worn one of my rompers and evil-eyeing anyone wearing one (kidding!).  Then, all I could think about was finding a Starbucks so I could get my favourite Shaken Passion Iced Tea because I was slowly passing out from the heat because I was clearly overdressed.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter... and you know what I'm going to be throwing on.

I posted a close-up of my bracelets on Instagram... Heart bracelets from H&M; pink ones from J.Crew.

p.s. no matter how many times I go to Niagara Falls, I always want to go back...

Friday, May 17, 2013


{shorts: AG Adriano Goldschmied (also here); chambray shirt: Madewell; shoes: J.Crew;
necklace: Guess; bracelets: H&M (in-store, recent); sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs}

Okay, I'm really getting the hang of this wearing shorts business, but making sure I'm kept warm (because it's not that hot out) by pairing them with sweaters or, today, this Madewell chambray shirt (that I'm obsessed with btw).  This weekend is a long weekend and it's supposed to be beautiful out, so this will pretty much be my go-to outfit.

Happy Victoria Day (i.e., May 2-4) weekend my fellow Canadians!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

black & white / stripes & polka dots

{sweater, shorts: GAP; booties: Topshop; hat: Roxy (similar); 
bracelets: H&M (recent, in-store); sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs}

I saw this outfit on the GAP website and fell in love immediately.  I love my stripes and I love my polka dots + mixed with black and white = perfection!  Now yesterday's weather escalated quickly and it became very hot.  So I guess that's what I get for my post yesterday.  But I'm still not diving into summer gear and sticking to my sweaters.  I'll just ease into it by pairing them with shorts and my favourite new booties.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


{sweater: Topshop; jeans: GAP; shoes (sold out online, similar here and here), 
sunglasses (old), bag (larger version here): Marc by Marc Jacobs; bracelet: BCBG;
necklace: Juicy Couture (old); lipstick: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'}

I was looking for a pair of booties on the Topshop website and somehow came across this adorable sweater.  I love when that happens, when you're not looking for something but it just appears like it was meant to be.  It's like Topshop knew it was still chilly and was saying, who are you kidding buying all those shorts and cute rompers... you need more sweaters.  (Don't let the sunshine fool you.)  But even if it was hot, I couldn't resist getting this sweater.  It's not only super cute, but super soft and perfect for those summer nights making s'mores curled up by a fire.  Seriously summer, hurry up already!

Monday, May 13, 2013

check please

My sweet son picked these flowers for me...

{Elsie Sweater Dress, sunglasses (old), bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs; 
booties: Topshop; jacket, ring: H&M; lips: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'}

I wrote about this dress back in March here.  I bought tickets for a festival, only to find out shortly after Macklemore was no longer performing there and was super bummed.  So when I received my refund, I bought this dress to make me feel better.  I recently found out he's now performing elsewhere in Toronto and bought tickets, so now I'm a really happy girl because I have this dress and going to see my current favourite artist.  Clearly, me and this dress were meant to be.

So I've been waiting to wear this dress and my Mother's Day brunch was the perfect occasion.  I originally paired this dress with matching heels, but then these Topshop booties arrived...  Normally I would think of pairing these booties with skinny jeans or a floral dress, but wearing these gave this dress a more laid back vibe.  When I go back to work, I'll start wearing heels again but, for now, this Mama is taking a break.

How I originally styled this dress... in head to toe MBMJ/Marc Jacobs.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

denim jacket

{top: Zara; skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old); jacket, ring: H&M (in-store, recent);
necklace: Juicy Couture (old); nails: CoverGirl 'Coral Silk'}

I've been eyeing this Marc by Marc Jacobs striped dress lately and it made me think of this skirt.  (I have a thing for polka dots and florals but, by the looks of my closet, I'm also obsessed with stripes.)  Normally I would pair this skirt with a white tank because of the details of the skirt (neon, stripes...), but I just bought this amazing denim jacket from H&M so I thought I could go a little crazier and pair the skirt with this neon top and the jacket would tone down the outfit.  I've been looking for the perfect denim jacket for a long time.  I have a J Brand one with coated sleeves and a super cropped one, both of which I love, but a simple denim jacket is a must-have for all closets.  It's perfect for spring and it'll be great once it starts getting cooler.  I'm still in shock I didn't own one... and more in shock I found one for under $35!

p.s. Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely, stylish moms out there!

Friday, May 10, 2013

heat wave

{sweater: Guess; shorts: Zara; bracelets: H&M (in-store, recent);
sunglasses (old), shoes (bought at Hold Renfrew, similar here): Marc by Marc Jacobs}

My favourite part of a rainy day is when the sun comes out.  It just seems more sunny than usual because of the gloominess beforehand.  Yesterday, it also became really hot.  The kind of weather I live for.  And I'm well prepared, stocking up on shorts from GAP to J.Crew.  It seems I'm sticking to florals and polka dots.  The only thing I need now is some colour on my skin.