Friday, January 31, 2014

stripes & plaid

{shirt: Madewell (similar); sweater, jacket: GAP; pants: Paige (sold out, love these);
booties: MICHAEL Michael Kors; beanie: Local Heroes; sunglasses: Prada}

I mentioned earlier this week that I finally organized my closet and decided to hold off shopping until spring because going back to work in September following maternity leave, I went a little crazy shopping for fall (which is my favourite season to shop for) and my closet is overflowing.  I realized I have only worn these Paige plaid jeans 4x and that's a shame.  I've paired them with a grey tee (see here), a chambray shirt on its own (see here), a floral-print blouse (see here) and one time not posted on the blog with a simple black sweater.  My favourite outfit was probably pairing these pants with a floral-print blouse because I like trying new things and mixing patterns.  I've been seeing a lot of plaid mixed with stripes and thought I would give it a try.

Below is a picture of my outfit that I posted on Instagram, without the jacket.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

current obsession: pink handbags

 A little (pink) pick-me-up on this freezing cold day!  I'm really excited pink is a big trend for spring because it's my favourite colour.  But for those not wanting to commit to wearing pink, a handbag is a great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit, especially for those who love to wear all black.  Neon bags are great to add to a pair of jeans and a white tee.  Personally, I'm excited to mix pastels together for an ultra feminine look.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


{ASOS Popper Skater Coat; pants: Bebe; turtleneck: GAP; beanie: Guess; sunglasses: Prada;
Silvy Ankle Boot (silver zipper), Mini Hamilton Saffiano Messenger: MICHAEL Michael Kors}

Red is one of my favourite colours to wear, even though I don't wear it often.  My grad dress was red (I had it made after seeing this amazing Cindy Crawford dress.  I told you I was obsessed with her).  So, of course, when I came across this coat I couldn't resist buying it because of the colour, but also because I'm obsessed with the hemline.  It's super flirty and fun.  Last week it was mostly about black pants because I was too cold and tired to even think about what to wear, but for this week (because I knew it would be another chilly week) I pulled out pants that I've had for years (the above Bebe ones), bought a new pair - amazing MICHAEL Michael Kors patterned ones (post to come) and pulled out my Paige plaid pants that I've only worn a few times (post also to come).  I've been cleaning out my closet over the past couple of months (yes, months!) and thought it was time to take a break from shopping (well, for the most part) and give more love to the pieces already in my closet.  Plus, I'm SO over shopping for this weather.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


It's been bone-chilling cold all week.  I mean -20 to -30 with the windchill.  It makes me shiver just thinking about it.  Being a Canadian you think I would be used to this cold by now, but I will never get used to it.  It started to warm up this weekend (and by warm up I mean -10) and I was able to wear my new boots.  (I've been living in Uggs because, besides Sorels, they're the only boots that you can wear when it's this cold out without freezing your toes off.  I learned my lesson on Friday.)  I became obsessed with those Chanel chain boots and thought that maybe I could splurge on them until I found out the price (which was a LOT more than I thought).  So I decided I would rather go on a vacation this year and be able to eat for the next few months and purchased these reasonably-priced DV by Dolce Vita boots.  I love the details on these boots.  (They look complicated but they actually slip on and zip up on the side.  Have they filled the void of the Chanel boots?  Maybe not.  But at least my stomach is full.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

neon / stripes

{sweater: Maison Scotch; top: Free People; jeans: GAP; beanie: J.Crew (in-store);
booties: Marc by Marc Jacobs (black, leather version); sunglasses: Prada}

For some reason - maybe it's the magazines I've been receiving in the mail saying, "Spring Trend Preview", or the amazing pink Pierre Hardy pumps I picked up recently - I've been getting really excited for spring.  But then I realize it's only January and spring is not even close.  It's supposed to be around -20 this week so I have to face it, buying spring clothes right now would just be torturing myself.  I was sick over the holidays and was bummed that I didn't get to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales.  I finally ventured over to the mall recently and realized this time of year is better than ever to shop.  I scored this amazing Maison Scotch sweater for over 75% off.  So it's almost a good thing that I got sick over the holidays.  Hey, I'd give up a good meal for fashion any day.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

fuzzy leopard


{cardigan: Urban Outfitters (sold out online, love this and this one); top: Anthropologie; jeans: GAP
hat: Guess (old); bracelets: H&M; sunglasses: Prada; lips: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'}

I'm normally drawn to all things leopard print anyway, but I instantly fell in love with this fuzzy cardigan because it is super soft.  (It appears to be sold out online, but I also saw it in-store.  Nasty Gal has some great ones.)  I love that leopard print is now considered a neutral and you can pair it with pretty much anything, but because I was wearing the sweater to work, I kept the look simple and paired it with black and white.  I did add a pink lip for a little pop of colour.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


{dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar, also love this yellow one and this leopard print one); 
sweater: Madewell (similar); beanie: J.Crew (in-store); boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar); 
bracelet: BCBG; sunglasses: Prada; lips: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'}

I was looking for something cozy and casual to wear over the weekend and stumbled across this striped Marc by Marc Jacobs dress in my closet that I purchased last winter.  I believe it was last winter.  Then I got upset at myself for forgetting about this dress because I've only worn it once and it's an amazing dress to wear over the weekend because it's cool and casual.  But I'm petite and this dress is an XS/S and usually when that's the case, the dress (or whatever item) is a bit too big for my petite frame (normally I'm an XS).  But I actually really love that about this dress.  Sure, if I follow the rules, I should belt this dress, but what I love about Marc Jacobs is his quirky style and so I said 'forget the rules' and wore this dress without a belt - muumuu style.  It may not be figure flattering (without a belt), but it's the weekend and I like to pig out.  Plus, it's just fun to break the rules sometimes.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


{sweater, pants: GAP; bracelet: J.Crew (old, similar); necklace: Coach (old); 
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors (in-store, similar); sunglasses: Prada}

It has been so cold that I have worn pants all week, except on Tuesday, which was the coldest day of them all.  All I want to do is stay snuggled up in bed, so the closest thing to that is wearing a cozy sweater that feels like a blanket.  (Not quite the same, I know.)  I love this sweater from the GAP.  The colour is gorgeous!  It comes in 7 different colours and seeing as it's so cold, I'll have to pick up a few more.  (The blue one is also gorgeous!)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

blue / snow leopard

{sweater: Central Park West; skirt: Zara (similar here); boots: Dolce Vita (old, love these);
beanie: Local Heroes; cuff: Chanel (vintage); sunglasses: Prada}

Nothing better than a cozy, oversized sweater on a (very cold) winter day.  I fell in love with this Central Park West one because of the pattern and texture, but mostly because of the gorgeous colour.  I looooove cobalt.  Especially on people with dark hair (no offence blondies).  I paired it with this great Zara skirt I bought last year even though it's approx. -30 today.  Anytime I wear something black and white, I instantly pull out my vintage Chanel cuff that I love so much.  I like pairing short skirts with flats to tone down the look, especially for work, so I paired it with these amazing Dolce Vita over-the-knee boots.  And because it's super freezing today, I just could not bear to wash my hair so, of course, had to throw on my 'bad hair day' beanie.

Speaking of Dolce Vita boots, I just ordered another pair (see here) with zippers and buckles and I cannot wait for them to arrive!  They have an amazing selection of shoes/boots.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

denim on denim

{shirt: Madewell (similar, love this dotted one); GAP 1969 Legging Jeans
hat: Guess (old, love this one from Nasty Gal); sunglasses: Prada}

Just a quick post of what I posted on Instagram of what I'm wearing today - a simple denim on denim look.  This is my favourite chambray shirt from Madewell because of the two tones (the sleeves and the pocket are slightly darker).  And these GAP jeans are definitely my new favourite jeans.  They fit great and feel amazing.  This Guess hat that I bought a year or two ago is reversible (the other side is plain black) but I chose the leopard print side for a little pop.  Plus, I'm not sure if there is a better combination than denim + leopard print.  They're two "trends" that never go out of style.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


{sweatshirt: Textile Elizabeth & James (also love this one); jeans: Marciano;

I'm finally feeling like myself again after being sick for about a week over the holidays.  I still have a few more days off so I'm wearing another casual outfit today.  I was going to attempt to head outdoors and finally check out the boxing day sales, but I'm stuck in-doors since there's a blizzard happening right about now.  (These pictures were taken the other day.)  So I guess I'll stick to online shopping.  It's definitely not as tiring.  If I do make it to the mall, I hate lugging around a heavy winter coat so I bought this Free People jacket (they have an ivory version!) specifically with that in mind since the sleeves make it warmer and cozier than a plain denim jacket so it's enough to go from the car to the mall (while running, of course).  I will definitely need to add a cozy scarf since it's ridiculously freezing today.