Monday, January 26, 2015

striped tunic

hat: Juicy Couture; sunglasses: Prada}

I've been eyeing this tunic for a while online, but I was worried about the fit.  Then it finally appeared at The Bay in Toronto and I tried it on and fell in love.  I'm a sucker for anything striped, tunics that are long enough to pass as a dress (it helps that I'm not even 5' tall) and the fact that you can eat four homemade chocolate chip cookies (which I made Saturday with my son because it was miserable out) and no one would even know.  As much as you can wear this now (just add tights or skinny jeans), I was thinking of it more for spring.  Then yesterday the sun was shining and it actually felt like spring.

Thursday, January 15, 2015




{Free People Fairisle Maiden Cowl Neck; top: Banana Republic; jeans (similar): 7 For All Mankind;
Stuart Weitzman The Lowland Boot; hat: Club Monaco; sunglasses: Prada}
I seriously cannot get over these boots.  Of course now when I shop, I'm only buying things that will go with these boots.  Although I don't think there is much that would not go with these boots.  But I'm kind of over the whole sweater thing and ready for Spring and really just want to start buying things for my trip to Mexico, but that's not until March.  But it's hard to pass up the amazing sales out there right now.  Especially anything Free People.  I basically want to buy everything Free People and would pay full price so when it's on sale, it's hard not to scoop it up.  Especially this fairisle sweater because it was on my wish list and I knew it would go perfectly with these boots.  I love fairisle.  It screams ski cabin to me, but the only reason why I love the idea of a ski cabin is the whole sitting-by-a-fire-drinking-hot-chocolate thing.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

new year neutrals (& baby pink)

{sweater (in 'Oatmeal'), beanie, rings: Free People; jeans: GAP; coat: Lovers + Friends;

I don't mind the winter when the sun is out (well, I hate it a little less).  Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny winter day and I broke in my new Stuart Weitzman boots.  I am so obsessed that I want to wear them every day.  (I was hoping to wear them on Friday to work but it had just snowed the night before and it was messy in the morning.)  Of course I have been playing dress up all weekend trying to put as many outfits together as possible to go with these boots.  I've never had boots really this colour before so I was a bit nervous but they match everything, even things I didn't think they'd match.  So what's that saying?  The amount you really paid for an item is the price you paid divided by the amount of times you've worn them?  Then by my calculations if I wear these 3x/wk for the next 7 wks then these boots really cost me only $50.  I'm pretty sure after I explain this to my husband he'll agree that I should get these in black too.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

current obsession: thigh high boot

I tried taking pictures a couple of times this past weekend of the outfits I was going to wear to work this week, but it was windy, freezing and even wet at times, so I called it quits pretty quickly.  I can deal with -0, but anything below that and I want to hibernate.  So I thought I would write a post today about my 'current obsession', which I haven't done in awhile, but will probably do more often until at least March.  My current obsession is these thigh high boots.  I've been coveting Stuart Weitzman OTK boots for some time and since winter makes me miserable and I did not buy one thing over the holidays (record breaking!), I decided to splurge (also because I could not find any that were nearly as comfortable).  I'm also hoping these boots will make me embrace winter.  I bought them in the 'Praline' and they are gorgeous.  I bought a couple of pairs of boots this A/W and they have not been the most comfortable and these feel like pillows.  They're thigh high yet when you put them on it doesn't even feel like you're wearing boots that high.  If you're going to invest in a pair of boots this winter, I highly recommend these.  They easily slide over any pair of skinny pants/jeans.  But more importantly, they will take you into Spring and look great paired with floral dresses.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

hello, 2015

{left to right: (1) sweater: Nastygal, skirt: Wilfred Free (old), hat: Urban Outfitters; 
(2) cami: Club Monaco (in-store); sweater: Wilfred Free; jeans: GAP, hat: Urban Outfitters; 
(3) tunic: Free People; hat: Juicy Couture; 
(4) dress: Free People, top: Mendocino (old), necklace, sandals: Guess (old); hat: Roxy; 
(5) sweater: ZARA; dress: Wilfred; knee high socks: Free People, boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors, beanie: Club Monaco; 
(6) tee: Wilfred, blazer: Talula, jeans: GAP, hat: BCBG; 
(7) blazer: Joie, blouse (in-store), skirt (old): ZARA; 
(8) tee: Wilfred; skirt (old), sweater: Wilfred Free; 
(9) jacket: BB Dakota, dress: Topshop, bag: MICHAEL Michael Kors, hat: Urban Outfitters;
and of course featured in all of my pictures, my Prada sunglasses}
(photo via Instagram)

I thought it would be fun for my first post of 2015 to be a look back of my favourite outfits from 2014.  It's been challenging at times taking pictures, dealing with the weather and having two kids (one who still takes a nap).  I work in Toronto, which is quite a commute for me, so I leave quite early in the morning and come home quite late (in the summer I can manage to take pictures when I get home, but in the winter it's already pretty dark out so I basically have weekends to work with).  But I think, thanks to my amateur photographer husband, I have some great pictures that I'll love looking back on when I'm older.  It beats trying to take pictures of my outfits with a self-timer, which I used to do 10 years ago, every morning.