Tuesday, November 25, 2014


{sweater: Urban Outfitters; skirt: GAP (bought in-store, similar); hat, rings: Free People;
boots (black): Marc by Marc Jacobs; sunglasses: Prada}
I recently read that navy looks great on brunettes so when I saw this sweater at Urban Outfitters I had to try it on, but then almost passed up trying it on because I liked a few other things better and thought, it's just a navy blue sweater.  But then when I tried it on I thought, wow they were right.  I have some navy items but I never really paid attention too much about what colours look best on me because I pretty much will wear anything (and then sometimes later realize maybe it wasn't the best colour for me to wear).  That's what's great about having a blog, you can see what works and what does not.  (Of course at the time I think it works, or even hesitate but still wear it anyway.)  Anyway, for you brunettes out there, the other colours that I can recall were bright pink, white/cream and light yellow.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

slip dresses in the snow

{Wilfred Leibnez Dress; sweater: ZARA; socks: Free People (sold out, similar, just ordered these);
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors; hat: Club Monaco; necklace: Juicy Couture; sunglasses: Prada}

I had forgotten about this dress (last seen here) because it was in my huge pile of laundry that I'm not sure I will ever iron, but something reminded me of it so I decided to pull it out and iron it (which became wrinkled again after the car ride).  Of course, the day I decided to wear it (or at least shoot it for my blog), it decided to snow.  The first real snowfall of the winter, er, fall.  It's not even winter yet!  It should not be allowed to snow until Christmas Eve.  Anyway, I braved the cold and it wasn't too bad.  (This cozy ZARA cardigan helped a lot.)  It was actually...nice.  The days following though were horrendous and I already want to hibernate.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

the perfect pink coat

boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors; hat (bought last year): Urban Outfitters; sunglasses: Prada}
I am obsessed with this coat.  I ordered a pink coat a while ago and was not pleased with the quality so I returned it.  I've been on the hunt ever since for the perfect pink coat.  I'm petite but I wanted a big coat so that I could layer chunky turtlenecks underneath.  I'm like an Olsen twin.  I want my clothes to swallow me (i.e. keep me warm in the winter).  I have other coats that are more fitted, which makes them difficult to wear when the temp drops because they're hard to layer under and I'm just not ready for a parka.  This coat is so beautiful and has kept me surprisingly warm (it's only 35% wool).  It feels like I'm wrapped in a blanket it's so cozy.  (I might have to buy it in the grey.) 

Monday, November 17, 2014

cozy socks, beanies & cardigans


cardigan: ZARA; socks: J.Crew; boots (black): Marc by Marc Jacobs (tall version);
sunglasses: Prada}
You can pretty much throw 3 things on and you can forgo pants in the fall and keep (fairly) warm: cozy socks, an oversized cardigan and a beanie.  I love this Free People tunic and want to wear it as much as possible.  Besides leggings of course, I would pair this tunic with skinny jeans, but sometimes you just don't want to wear pants.  But since it started snowing yesterday (the day after these pictures were taken), I'm pretty sure this is the last time you'll be seeing me in bare legs.

Friday, November 14, 2014

winter white & grey

{sweater: ZARA; hat: BCBG; jeans: GAP; sunglasses: Prada;
MICHAEL Michael Kors Salem Bootie (also here in leather only)}
I'm sure I've said this a million times, but I love winter white.  I love summer whites too, but white in the winter just pops.  I bought this BCBG fedora in grey and was wishing it had come in white too (I had ordered a white hat from Free People, but unfortunately it was too big).  But last weekend I went to the mall to get my son a haircut and was not planning on shopping, but walked by BCBG and this hat was in the window and caught my eye.  I love this one because I have a small head and this one fits perfectly.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

crop it like it's hot

{top: Club Monaco; tank: RW&Co. (old, love this one); skirt: Wilfred (old, love this one);
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors (also here); bracelet: BCBG; sunglasses: Prada (bought in-store)}

It was a gorgeous day yesterday and I was at home sick.  I slept until almost 11 am (after going back to bed after dropping the kids off at daycare/school) and felt a bit better.  It would have been the perfect day to run errands, etc. but I was not up for doing anything.  I could not pass up the opportunity though to take some quick pictures of today's outfit without having to worry about freezing, or covering up with a coat.  It was just after 4 pm and already getting dark out.  Sad.  Also sad, it was almost 17 degrees.  Today the high was supposed to be about 4 degrees so of course I'm wearing this outfit with tights and a coat.  It's just not the same.

Monday, November 10, 2014

chunky red knit and uggs


{sweater: Nasty Gal; jeans: Marciano (similar); beanie, rings: Free People;
boots: Ugg Australia; sunglasses: Prada (bought in-store)}
I have been looking for a chunky red knit sweater for a while now.  I've tried on a few, but they were too fitted or itchy.  I saw this on a blogger and immediately ordered it and was even more happy when it arrived.  It was exactly what I have been looking for.  Saturday was miserable and freezing, but Sunday was nice enough that I actually left the house as pictured.  I wore a thin tee underneath for added warmth.  The toque (beanie) and Ugg boots definitely helped.  I bought a new pair of Uggs because my other ones are fuchsia pink and I just recently ordered a pink coat so I thought that would be a little much.  I know Uggs may not be "trendy" anymore, but when you live in Canada you really do not care.  And I have been waiting for it to get colder so that I could start wearing them on my commute.  There is no denying how comfy (and warm!) they are.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

burgundy & black

{top: Free People; jeans: GAP; hat: Urban Outfitters;
boots: Sam Edelman (also here, these bought last year); sunglasses: Prada}

Last weekend we turned back the clocks and I thought it would affect my kids, but it affected me a lot more.  I was waking up earlier and then exhausted all day.  I finally feel like I'm back on track.  It did not help that the weather changed drastically.  It's been extremely cold, rainy and has even snowed (snowed!).  I have been stocking up on heavy turtlenecks but felt I was too warm in them, so I fell in love when I tried on this Free People mock turtleneck last week.  Of course now that I found a lightweight sweater, the weather has turned on me.  But since it's lightweight it's perfect for layering.  I love wine colours and I recently read that you can pair it with baby blue.  I recently bought a baby blue coat (post to come soon) and the combination actually works beautifully.  But you can never go wrong with pairing it with black.