Monday, December 16, 2013

navy & wine

{skirt: Madewell (love this Free People knit one); necklace tee: J.Crew (love this necklace); 

I picked up this cute beanie (or, as we Canadians call it, toque) at Urban Outfitters recently.  As I've said, I'm stocking up since winter will be here in a few days.  (Clearly the snow couldn't wait!)  It's a great (and cheap) way of adding a special touch to your outfit.  Just because you have to bundle up, doesn't mean you can't look good doing so!  I love the colour of this one and it's super soft.  This Madewell skirt has been sitting on my floor for a while now because I wanted to pair it with a bright pink sweater I have, but I have yet to iron it.  So I thought it was time to wear it since I probably will never iron that sweater (or at least not any time soon).  I wanted to wear my new toque and thought this J.Crew necklace tee was a perfect match because obviously the colour matches, but also the blue stripes and necklace on the tee pick up the blue stripe on the skirt.  I find I look most put together when I match my pieces, but I try not to go overboard.

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