Friday, August 23, 2013


{Clipped Dot Blouse: Anthropologie; skort: Zara; shoes: Guess; sunglasses: Prada
bracelets: J.Crew (similar), H&M; lips: Smashbox 'Fuchsia Flash'; nails: CoverGirl 'Lav-endure'}

Ahhh, I love the feeling of new clothes.  I went on a shopping spree last Saturday all by myself.  No kids.  It was glorious.  I was able to shop for 4 hours, trying on everything and anything I wanted.  My goal was to shop for work clothes only, since I'm returning in two weeks after 17 months of maternity leave.  I decided on a budget (which I went over, of course) and took my time to decide what pieces would enhance my wardrobe, rather than buying anything that I liked.  I have a problem of liking so many styles that I tend to buy pieces that I don't end up wearing a lot because they don't suit other pieces in my closet.  My mistake, though, was going into Anthropologie first since I practically blew my budget in that store alone.  This blouse is so beautiful.  The lace details make it special and it's definitely a piece that will be a staple in my closet.

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