Friday, June 21, 2013



{4-in-1 dress: GAP; shoes: Steve Madden; sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs;
bracelet: BCBG}

I love a maxi dress, but this dress can be worn 4 different ways so it's extra special.  (For the price, you're basically getting the dress for around $15!)  I love putting a sweater over top of a maxi dress, basically turning the dress into a skirt for a new look, but this one can be turned into a skirt and you can wear a sweater tucked into it.  Or a tank.  It's definitely going to be a recurring piece in my closet this summer.


  1. Hi! Your Gap 4 in 1 striped dress looks so great on you! I bought one on eBay a couple weeks ago in my normal size, but I can't tell if I need to size up or not. Did you find that it fit true to size? I want to wear mine as a skirt, too, with a tank top over it, but when I fold the skirt down, it has so much bunching that it looks odd. But if I wear it as a full maxi, I feel like it's too form fitting around my mid-section. I wasn't sure if the next size up would be too loose at the chest, though. Just wanted to see what other people though. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Thanks! I ordered my normal size online and decided to keep it because if I play around with the seam then it's fine, but I too find it's quite tight. I think going up a size might be the solution for wearing it as a dress, but it sounds like it probably won't look right as a skirt, if yours is already bunching up. I prefer wearing mine as a skirt, but mine is tight and doesn't bunch like yours seems to. I think it's a tricky dress for sure. Hope that helps!