Monday, April 11, 2016

eclectic & swingy

sunglasses: Prada}

It cooled down this past weekend and I was a bit annoyed that I couldn't wear one of my new rompers or dresses to dinner because I'm dying for summer weather to get here (we keep getting teased with it), but then I saw this jacket and although was picturing it with a crochet crop top and high-waisted cutoffs, I took advantage of the weather and paired it with skinny jeans instead.  This jacket is SO beautiful.  Maybe I was drawn to it because I'm Ukrainian and it reminded me of the shirts I used to wear as a child, but either way I'm so happy it's one of the items I scooped up at the Shopbop sale for 25% off (unfortunately now over).  But this jacket is not as lightweight as I had thought (or it probably looks), which is great for the weather now, but it's lightweight enough that it'll be great for summer nights at the beach.  So, well worth the full price.