Thursday, April 28, 2016

bahama bloom

Lack of Color The Spencer Boater Hat;
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelet (old, similar);
Prada Sunglasses}

When we first moved to Myrtle Beach, the beach seemed like a place you had to prepare to go to.  To be honest, I wasn't that big of a beach person.  Now we head there even for an hour if that's all the time we have.  You get over the whole sand everywhere thing.  I threw on this romper which is going to be on repeat all summer.  I just read about Tim Gunn apparently saying if you're in the double digits, you shouldn't be wearing a romper.  Has he seen this romper??  I will be wearing rompers until I'm 90 years old ha.  They're so easy to throw on.  You can wear this one to the beach and then straight to dinner.  I also love this Lack of Color hat because it's a bit bigger than my other ones, which is better coverage for the face.

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