Thursday, October 13, 2016

shopbop event of the season

Shopbop Event of the Season sale

Shopbop is having their awesome sale where everything is at least 25% off (if you spend over $500 you get 30% off).  I spent all morning today carefully deciding on which items to purchase.  (I received the sneak peak email the day before the sale started but it was during our 15 hour drive back to Myrtle Beach and my phone is garbage, literally shuts off when it shows I still have 50% battery left.  I should probably be buying a new phone instead of shopping the sale, but these are the tough choices you have to make in life.  The next day our internet was still out from the hurricane so I couldn't shop the sale until today.)  Sadly, most of the items I've been eyeing (my 'hearts') were already sold out so I had to start from scratch.  A sale where you can literally choose anything can be overwhelming so I made a list.  Hopefully this list (and an edit of my picks, above) will help you.

  • a new pair of (cropped) jeans
  • a bomber jacket
  • something velvet
  • mules/loafers
  • booties
  • (white) sneakers
  • transitional tops, including something with a cold shoulder or off-the-shoulder
  • a bag in a fall colour (anything other than black)

You can shop by clicking the items below!
Happy shopping!

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