Friday, October 13, 2017

friday find: soft-sleeved sweater

Happy Friday!  Anthropologie is having a 'Happy Harvest Event' where you can save up to 25% off on fall items!  One of the items I've been eyeing from Anthropologie (& is currently sitting in my shopping cart, along with about 25 other things that I'm trying to narrow down) is this beautiful soft-sleeved sweater by Knitted & Knotted.  I'm a sucker for a cozy sweater and you can't get much cozier than a sweater with fuzzy, soft sleeves.  I always look for unique pieces and this sweater not only has different textures, but also has my favourite feature: a statement sleeve.  Plus, it's ivory and I love my 'winter whites' so this sweater checks of another box.  And this sweater is also under $100 (not including the discount)!  So not only does this sweater check off 1 box, but it checks off 5!

Cozy: check. 
Ivory: check. 
Textures: check.
Statement sleeve. check.
Budget-friendly: check.

I'm also loving this, this and this sweater, all with statement sleeves.

Happy shopping!

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