Tuesday, January 17, 2017

palm tree life / day in paradise

One Teaspoon Junkyard Skirt (also here for 50% off!);
Brixton Dalila Hat (colour I'm wearing sold out);

We have been seriously spoiled with the weather lately.  In November, I was wearing a coat (for only a few days, but still).  Then it warmed up.  Just a couple of weekends ago I was miserable because it was SO cold (again, only for a few days, but still).  And even though in a blog post earlier this year when I was recommending my favourite faux fur/shag coats I said I would not invest in any more coats since we only get about 2 weeks of winter, I ended up ordering a couple because it was that cold.  But then it went up to the 70s two days later so I returned them.  (Also because neither worked for me.)  This is definitely not me asking you to feel sorry for me ha.  But I've been back and forth between deciding if I should order some (spring-ish) sweaters (it is supposed to cool down again), or go straight to summer clothes (especially because summer clothes from last year are up to 70-80% off!)  But it's not quite that warm, so instead I found a balance with this Show Me Your Mumu Bonfire Sweater.  The long sleeves keep you warm when it's breezy, but it's light enough for when the temp goes up.  I normally stay away from polyester but this sweater is quite soft.  Bonus, it's 'basically wrinkle-proof'!  Of course, I mainly fell in love with this sweater because I'm a sucker for palm trees and will miss them almost as much as the beach when we move to Greenville.  At least I'll have this sweater.

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