Monday, December 10, 2012

something blue

(Marc Jacobs Single Quilted Large Crossbody Bag:

("Opening Night" by Sephora by OPI)

I have a credit at Neiman Marcus.  (I actually returned something, which is extremely rare for me.  I'm one of those, 'oh, these shoes don't fit that great but I'll totally still wear them.'  Two years later they're up on eBay and I'm crying that I have to sell them because guess what?  I never wore them.  WHY didn't I return them?!  It doesn't help that 99% of my shopping is done online.  I was always a shopaholic, but now that it's at my fingertips 24/7... I think they have to come up with a new name for that.  I'm getting better.  See, I have a credit.)  I wanted to wait until spring/summer to use the credit and buy a fun dress or something for my return to work so I wasn't too depressed (I'm on maternity leave), but I don't think I can wait.  This bag is calling me.  I've always wanted a Marc Jacobs quilted bag and I'm wearing blue nail polish, so I'm pretty sure that's a sign.  Says, the online shopaholic.  Seriously, there has to be a cooler name than that?

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