Sunday, July 6, 2014

polkadots & florals

{dress: Talula; blazer: Joie (love this and this one); bracelet: J.Crew; sunglasses: Prada;  
sandals: Splendid (similar here and here)}

Recently I wore this exact same dress but in blue (see here) and I was talking about how I also had a black version of the blazer I wore and I was going to wear it with this dress.  But I also happened to pull this beautiful Joie blazer that I bought last year out of my closet to remind myself to wear it soon.  (When you have a ridiculous amount of clothes, you need to do this at times, or else the season will pass and before you know it it's winter and you'll be kicking yourself saying, 'Why didn't I wear that?!'  Which is why I wonder sometimes why I continue to buy clothes and then I remember... oh, right, I'm a shopaholic.)  I saw this blazer hanging up outside my closet door and thought why wouldn't I wear this blazer rather than go with the obvious black?  I love mixing prints and this dress is perfect for doing so because the polkadots are not 'in your face'.  Because the blazer has speckles of yellow in it, my yellow Coach bag, which is my go-to these days, tied the outfit nicely together.  (See here on Instagram.)

So now that I wore this blazer, I'm already trying to figure out other ways of wearing it because I thought, 'Why do I not wear this beautiful blazer more often?!'  Oh, right, because of the excess clothing thing.

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