Friday, July 18, 2014


bracelets: H&M; hat: BCBG; sunglasses: Prada}
I love hip hop music.  Always have.  When I was around 13, I was obsessed with FU-Schnickens and tried getting every lyric down to "La Schmoove".  I'm pretty sure I thought I would be the first Eminem (you know, before Eminem came out) except I can't actually write rap lyrics, or actually rap.  (And then Eminem came out and I'm pretty sure he's my soul mate.)  At first I was skeptical of Iggy, but her 'Fancy' song got stuck in my head so I checked her out and listened to her song with T.I. and gave her a chance.  I downloaded her album and became obsessed.  So of course I ordered this tee when I saw her feature on  The girl is living my dream.  But if she starts dating Eminem though, it's over.

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