Wednesday, December 16, 2015

the Christmas sweater

{Wildfox Meowy Christmas Sweatshirt (also here, little girls' version here!}

Ah the 'ugly Christmas sweater'.  Although fun(ny) to wear, your Christmas sweater doesn't have to be ugly.  Wildfox makes the cutest Christmas sweaters (see above).  They're great to wear Christmas morning when you're opening up presents, or running around doing last minute Christmas shopping.  Or when you're stuck at home with the flu (which is what happened to me a couple of years ago and I lived in mine).  They're super comfy!    

I've been eyeing this adorable reindeer sweater.

You can never go wrong with fair isle for the holidays and this way you can wear it all winter long.  I ordered this one, which looks super cozy but also lightweight for the warmer days we've been having.  

These tees are a cute alternative to a sweater seeing as it's supposed to be warmer this Christmas.

Happy shopping!

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