Sunday, January 24, 2016

r e d


Well, that time of year that 50% (or more, ha) people seem to dislike is coming up: Valentine's Day!  I get it, I've never been that into it, but I've also never been opposed to it.  Nothing wrong with taking a day to celebrate your love (although after my hubby bought me flowers in college and told me how much he paid after I asked him because I was curious, I begged him to never do it again!), as long as you don't put too much pressure on your significant other.  And if you're not dating anyone, it's OK!  I don't believe I even celebrated with anyone in high school.  I'd chill at home with some cheesy romantic movie (Pretty Woman is at the top of my list).  Maybe it's because of Julia Roberts in that iconic scene with that iconic laugh that I love red so much.   

I recently watched this movie with my (much younger) sister who had never seen it.  I remembered how romantic the movie was but I forgot how great the fashion was!

Or you could do some online shopping.  No one said you can't buy yourself a present!  I love red no matter what time of year.  I think red is such a happy colour.  You can use it to add a pop of colour to your outfit with either a bag (see here), or a pair of shoes (see here).  You can have it be the focus of your outfit (see here).  Or if you want to go bold, you can pair it with pink (see here).  Happy shopping!

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