Monday, September 12, 2016

peplum & wine

Prada Sunglasses}

I'm finally back with a new outfit post!  I've been busy spending the past several weeks cleaning out my closet and I'm selling about 75% of it on Poshmark (and a couple of other sites, but Poshmark has been the most successful - and fun!).  Not only switching careers from working in an office to becoming a stay-at-home mom, but also moving to the South, I realized most of my wardrobe would just be sitting there.  Previously living in Canada, I own about 100 sweaters.  So I decided to sell most of my clothes.  And then I did some online shopping.  I've been dying to buy fall clothes so I was having a hard time shopping, but I found a balance with clothes that are meant for the A/W season, but light enough that I can wear now (and then layer with later in the year).  First up, this Free People peplum top.  I went with this wine colour, which is actually more purple, because it felt less summery.  Plus, I explained my obsession with wine in my last post, here.  Later, this peplum top will look great with black skinny jeans, booties, a cardigan and a felt hat.

Happy shopping!

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