Wednesday, February 1, 2017

cuddly AF

cuddly AF

Happy first day of February!  Spring is just around the corner, but I find February to be the coldest month so February to me is all about comfort.  Yes, even on that holiday that people either love or hate: Valentine's Day.  If your jam is to dress up and go out, there's nothing wrong with that.  I personally loved celebrating Valentine's Day with my hubby the first year we were together and then I could not care less about celebrating it again ha.  It really is just another day and there's too much pressure for the day so try to just enjoy it!  If you're like me and prefer to just 'Netflix and Chill', Wildfox has the best sweaters for the occasion - for those who either love or hate the holiday (check out their collection here).  My favourites from the collection are this Cuddly AF Sommers Sweater and this Girlfriend Material Sommers Sweater.  And this Ugh, Couples Skater V Tee is funny AF.

Happy shopping!

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