Tuesday, April 9, 2013

current (and always) obsession: marc jacobs

It's fitting that today I received a package from marcjacobs.com on Marc Jacob's birthday.  But the chances of that happening were relatively high since I'm always shopping for Marc Jacobs.  I'm a fan of many designers, sure, but the one designer's clothes I most covet are his.  I've been a fan for many years now.  It started with those spunky "Miss Marc" t-shirts, flip flops, totes... I even have a Miss Marc watch.  Then I had to get my hands on one of those denim Louis Vuitton bags.  Today, my closet is now filled with Marc by Marc Jacobs pieces, and one pair of Marc Jacobs pumps that will forever be my favourite pair (I bought them 8 years ago).  When I was thinking of starting this blog, I naturally thought of this title because, well, I'm always wearing something by Marc Jacobs.  And now I'm even making my daughter wear him too.

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