Friday, April 19, 2013

white denim

{sweater: Wilfred; jeans: GAP; jacket: J Brand; bracelet: BCBG;
sunglasses (old), cross-body bag (Saks, sold out online, but love this one): Marc by Marc Jacobs}

I'm not opposed to wearing white after Labour Day, but white denim screams spring/summer to me.  I'm officially transitioning my wardrobe into spring and if I was wearing blue or black bottoms, this outfit would be pretty dark and that's not how I want to start the season.  Even though the weather is really ticking me off.  Today it was raining... then warm and sunny... then cool... and then windy and flat out friggin' freezing.  I'm fine with it being a little cool, but I find our weather goes from cold to hot (see weather yesterday) and I don't get to wear all the cute little spring jackets in my closet.  I have to get in the habit of wearing scarves, but to me they scream winter and it's very confusing to me to wear a scarf with a spring jacket.

(Btw, I've always been a 7 FAM jeans kinda gal, but I'm really, really loving GAP's skinny jeans.)

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