Thursday, October 31, 2013


{jacket: Dolce Vita (also here and here); turtleneck: H&M; pants: GAP; necklace: Dior (vintage);
boots: MICHAEL Michael Kors (in-store); sunglasses: Prada}

Well, I just basically ordered this jacket and it's already almost too cold to wear it.  Thankfully it's a little milder today.  I swear I was not having to even wear tights only a couple of weeks ago.  (Clearly some people are not moving on from summer because yesterday I saw a woman on the train with open-toed sandals!)  But I called it, it would feel like winter soon and, sure enough, I was right.  

I'm already starting to look at winter coats, even though I have barely worn the 3 fall jackets that I purchased this fall.  I have so many jackets, I'm obsessed with jackets, but I find there's never that in-between weather where I get to wear them for more than a week or so.  I think I need to stop buying them because I just get disappointed.  Or I freeze.  I am excited to buy winter coats, even though I HATE winter.  I repeat, I HATE winter. 

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