Wednesday, March 12, 2014

slouchy & cuffed

{pants: ZARA; sweater: GAP; bomber jacket: FCUK (in-store, love this one};
hat: Club Monaco (other colours); pumps: GUESS; sunglasses: Prada}

I'm not normally one to buy pants because I'm petite and it's a hassle having to hem them (plus, I'm a girlie girl and love skirts and dresses).  But for some reason (maybe it's because I'm getting really tired of the freezing cold weather lately), I'm really into pants.  I ordered a pair of yellow pants from recently and they fit perfectly, so I ordered these blue ones that I also had my eye on in the same size.  These fit looser and I probably could go down a size but then I decided I like the slouchy fit.  They are even a bit too long (even though they're "cropped"), which I thought might be a reason to return them, but I love them so much I decided they were worth hemming.  Then as I was looking online for some inspiration for my outfits this week, I noticed a lot of cuffed pants (whether self-cuffed or not, I'm not sure) so I decided to self-cuff these and voila! - a pair of unintentionally slouchy, cuffed pants that are my new favourite.  (Plus, these give me room to eat a cupcake, or two.)

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  1. It's a great lovely winter's look