Wednesday, March 19, 2014

crepe dress

{Marc by Marc Jacobs Anya Colorblock Crepe Dress (Fall 2012, similar-ish); turtleneck: J.Crew;
MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Mini Messenger Bag (bought in-store, larger versions here);
hat: Urban Outfitters; sunglasses: Prada}
A quick post of my outfit I posted on Instagram today.  I'm obsessed with anything Marc Jacobs.  He is by far my favourite designer.  I saw this dress and had to have it (even though I was on maternity leave and knew I probably wouldn't wear it until I returned to work in September, 2013).  Then I thought I should probably hem it because I'm petite.  But, as I said previously, I'm lazy when it comes to hemming my clothes.  So time passed and only recently when I started organizing my closet did I say, enough is enough and that I had to hem this dress so that I could wear it.  So I hung it on the outside of my closet.  More time passed and I still had not taken it anywhere to be hemmed.  So I decided, since spring is around the corner, I would just wear it because I would feel awful about not wearing this amazing dress.  (But I did get to look at it on a daily basis so there's that.)  Of course now that I'm wearing it today, I don't know if I'll ever hem this dress.
(Side note: I've finally joined Google+ and Bloglovin'!)

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