Thursday, September 18, 2014

not-so-basic basics


{skirt (old, love this one), sweater: Wilfred Free; tee: Wilfred; socks: GAP;
I bought a Prada bag recently and blew my fall budget already so I'm trying to be smart with my shopping lately (or actually not shop at all, which will be impossible and will not happen).  I'm also planning to go to Paris in the spring, which has always been a dream of mine and included in that dream is to buy a Chanel bag.  So I'm all about basics lately and these are probably my favourite so it made sense to put them all together.  These pieces will be worn over and over again this fall and winter.  I bought this faux leather skirt years ago and I am still obsessed with it.  This grey tee will go with everything and I'll soon be pairing it with a long-sleeved blouse underneath for extra warmth.  And this sweater.  I am in love with this sweater.  It was more than I would usually pay for a plain, white sweater, but this sweater is anything but plain.  As you can see, the texture of this sweater is beautiful and it is so cozy and soft you just want to live in it, so it definitely was a great investment.

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