Wednesday, July 31, 2013

double dot

{tee (also here), sunglasses, watch (gift, can buy here, also love this one): Marc by Marc Jacobs; 
shorts: GAP (sold out online, love these 7s); shoes: Guess; bracelet: Coach (similar)}

I can't believe it's already August tomorrow!  Summer always goes by too quickly.  I return to work in September and I'm looking forward to being around humans again (children are not human! jk! but not really...), but I'm not looking forward to being forced to dress up.  If I had the option, I would most of the time choose to dress up, but I'd like the option of throwing on jeans if I wanted to.  Yes, we have casual Fridays, but sometimes it's Fridays that I feel like dressing up.  Being off on maternity leave, I love that I've been able to wear what I feel like wearing that day.  If it happens to be my PJs all day, so be it.  And it was... way too many times.  I don't think the Fedex/UPS/DHL delivery man thinks I own anything but PJs.  Anyways, as I've said before, I do love fall fashion so it's a good thing I'm going back in September because I am excited to shop for new fall work clothes.  I bought this tee with work in mind, which is now what I seem to be doing with my purchases lately.

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