Wednesday, May 3, 2017

folk dress pt II / switching hats

Urban Outfitters Fedora (similar here);
MICHAEL Michael Kors Wedge Sandals (love these and these);
Prada Sunglasses (also here - currently 30% off!)}

The beauty of wearing a dress is that you can throw it on and go.  But after having a dress for some time, you want it to feel fresh and new.  The most simple way to transform your look is by changing your shoes (i.e., booties one day, lace-up sandals the next).  My favourite way of transforming a look is also changing my hat.  I have been obsessed with hats for as long as I can remember.  So after wearing this Spell & The Gypsy Kombi Folk Dress with a brown floppy hat (and brown sandals), I switched up the look by wearing a black fedora (and black wedge sandals to match).

Not a hat person?  There are many other ways to transform a dress.  Layering your dress with a denim jacket, leather jacket, kimono or cardigan is one way, especially in the spring when you want to wear that new spring dress but it's still too chilly, or in the fall when you don't want to quite give up on wearing that summer dress when it starts to cool down.  Mixing up jewellery of course is another.  Belting a dress is a great way of making a dress feel really different.  Possibly tying a dress at the bottom in a knot to make it more of a midi dress than a maxi dress (and showing off your shoes - bonus!) is another way (I'll be doing this next time so that I can wear this dress with flat sandals to the beach, along with my Lack of Color The Spencer Boater). 


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