Friday, August 15, 2014

sweater weather


{Wilfred Free Yasmeen Sweater; camisole: Club Monaco (in-store); jeans: GAP; shoes: ZARA (old);
necklace: Gorjana; hat: Urban Outfitters; sunglasses: Prada; lipstick: Smashbox 'Electric Pink'}
So I guess fall is here.  It's been freezing in Toronto the past couple of days.  Luckily I got a head start on my fall shopping (which felt silly a week or so ago).  It's supposed to warm up and I sure hope it does because, even though I did some fall shopping, I am not mentally prepared for this cold weather.  If it was September, sure, but it's only August 15!  I am excited to wear fall clothes, however.  Sweaters, boots, etc.  I am obsessed with this cardigan from Aritzia.  At first I hesitated because of the price (since I have already blown my fall budget), but it's a versatile piece.  I always look at the price of an item and divide it by the amount of times I will wear it and that's the actual cost of the item.  So if I wear this sweater once a week for the next four months, this sweater actually cost me $10.  In that case, this sweater is quite cheap!  The quality, however, is not cheap.  It is 100% wool and is super cozy.  You will not regret buying this sweater.

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  1. It's strange that we are roasting in California and you're already wearing sweaters in Toronto