Thursday, September 19, 2013

shine bright like a diamond

bag: Lauren Merkin (sold out, love this studded one); necklace: Guess (gold version); 
bracelet: BCBG; sunglasses: Prada}

For some reason, I've had that song stuck in my head all day.  Probably because it was such a gorgeous day today.  It was a no-tights-and-roll-down-the-car-windows-kind-of-day.  Perfect day for this tunic, which I can wear as a dress because I'm so petite.  (Not just petite, but SO petite.)  I absolutely adore the lace sleeves and pockets.  I have always loved Anthropologie, but it's quite a distance away... or so I thought.  I went on a shopping spree about a month ago for work clothes and my first stop was Anthropologie and I pretty much blew my budget there.  The next day I googled Anthro because I regretted not getting some things and thought I would order them online and somehow it showed a location that I never knew existed...about 20 minutes away.  How I went through life without knowing this, I have no idea.  So that's going to be dangerous.  I've since been there twice.

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  1. Love this look, great pictures! :)